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In October 2010, ASA and Musco Lighting formally extended their partnership. The new partnership agreement includes the extension of the ASA/Musco royalty program and outlines how the program works. The royalty program is designed to provide additional funds to promote ASA growth. Many leagues have taken advantage of this opportunity, and ASA Commissioners are encouraged to promote this relationship throughout their districts for the continued quality growth of their programs.

Here's how the royalty program works:

Musco will make a 5% royalty payment to ASA National Office on qualified projects for which full payment is received within a designated period. The National Office will then split the royalty amount with the local association who provided the lead.
  1. A qualified project is a Light-Structure Green™ lighting project where ASA games or tournaments are held on which an ASA commissioner provides Musco with the initial (first) lead. The project must meet minimum performance standards as outlined in the ASA Lighting Standards.

  2. The qualified project must be communicated to Musco Lighting by an ASA commissioner completing and submitting an online "ASA/Musco Lighting Royalty Lead Form." Musco Lighting will respond directly to the ASA Commissioner submitting the Lead Form within 10 working days, notifying the commissioner whether or not their lead is the initial (first) lead. If the lead is not the initial lead, Musco will provide the commissioner with information about the prior lead.

  3. Musco Lighting will send a royalty payment to the ASA national office each November on all qualified projects that have been paid in full during the designated time period. ASA will return onehalf of all royalty payments to the district office of the ASA Commissioner providing the initial lead.

Here's what the ASA Commissioner should do:

Complete and submit the "ASA/Musco Lighting Royalty Lead Form" on the right for each new lighting project. You will receive a response from Musco Lighting within ten working days. The response will be in written form to provide documentation for the ASA Commissioner.


If you have any questions about the program, please contact:
Heidi Tegtmeier
Partnership Program Manager

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