Denver Sports Complex (Baseball, Softball, and Soccer Fields)

Denver, Iowa
Musco Sports Lighting's Denver Sports Complex

The community of Denver, Iowa, population 1,700, proves that the size of the town does not determine the success of a fundraiser. "We raised over $2 million in 10 months for a sports complex in our town," said Gene Leonhart, chairman of the Greater Denver Activities Foundation.

"We hired a professional fundraiser from Wyoming to provide direction," said Leonhart, They helped determine the type of campaign, which involved asking for contributions through letter and personal contacts rather than selling items or sponsoring special events. The fundraisers helped mobilize over 70 volunteers to help make phone calls and presentations and to follow-up with potential donors.

Donations came from various solicitation groups, former students, foundations, philanthropic groups, alumni, and businesses. Others donated equipment or in-kind services for installation.

Additionally, the new lighting has enabled them to explore different avenues. Superintendent Kathy Gilbert remarked, "We were able to host a district tournament there, which brought in a lot of people for increased revenue."

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Key Issues


  • Light-Structure Green's Constant 25 product assurance and warranty provides all of Denver's routine maintenance needs for the next 25 years, including group and spot lamp replacements, eliminating this budget expense

Operating Cost Savings

  • 25-year projected operating cost savings is over $48,000 through reduced energy consumption, plus group lamp replacements, controls, and maintenance provided by Musco

Environmental Light Control

  • Met strict guidelines to minimize off-site spill and glare light on adjacent property

“We liked that Musco would cover any maintenance problems we had.”

— Kathy Gilbert
District Superintendent
Denver Community School

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