Reid Park Annex Fields

Tucson, AZ
Musco Sports Lighting Reid Park Project

The Tucson Parks and Recreation Department wrestled with an urgent and unbudgeted capital improvement faced by municipalities nationwide: replace components of an aging lighting system or invest in a full upgrade using green technologies. The cost to update the existing lighting system was two-thirds the cost of a new system — without new fixtures. With less than two months before the Colorado Rockies arrived for spring training at Reid Park Annex Fields, the solution had to address multiple needs and include a fast installation. With looming deadlines, expected budget cuts, and compliance with ordinances and sustainability initiatives, Parks and Recreation Director Fred Gray chose a full-service approach. Gray selected a lease-purchase program through Musco Finance™ to gain the Light-Structure Green™ system, Constant 25™ warranty, and Control-Link® system. According to Gray, "With the energy savings and the 25-year warranty with the Musco system, and being able to finance it with them, as a parks and recreation director it made sense to recommend complete replacement."

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Key Issues

Environmental Light Control

  • Meets strict guidelines to minimize off-site spill and glare light on adjacent property


  • Allowed new lighting system to be purchased without breaking the operational budget of the Tucson Parks and Recreation Department

Life-Cycle Cost Savings

  • 25-year projected life-cycle cost savings is over $670,000 through reduced energy consumption, group lamp replacements, controls, and maintenance provided by Musco

“Musco’s finance program
allowed us to quickly replace the lighting system and get the fields back in use.”

— Fred Gray
Tucson Parks and Recreation Director

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