The Club At Sonterra

San Antonio, TX
Musco Sports Lighting's Sonterra Project

When reservations revealed that many of the 700 tennis families at The Club At Sonterra weren't playing on the 25 courts at night, management realized they needed a lighting system that matched the quality of the club's golf and tennis facilities. Chris Hamill, vice president of Century Golf Partners Management, decided to invest in a turnkey Light-Structure Green™ lighting system through a lease-purchase program developed by Musco Finance™. "Obviously, it was the ability for Musco to finance that made the additional investment much more palatable than had we written a check," said Hamill. The results are outstanding. The 153 new fixtures have reduced court clutter, significantly increased light levels, and served up a nearly 40 percent increase in nighttime play.

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Key Issues

Environmental Light Control

  • Meets strict guidelines to minimize off-site spill and glare light on adjacent property

Life-Cycle Cost Savings

  • Musco's Light-Structure Green™ reduces energy consumption from prior technology of 356.4 kW per hour to 206.4 kW per hour

  • 25-year projected life-cycle cost savings is over $193,000 through reduced energy consumption, group lamp replacements, controls, and maintenance provided by Musco

“With Musco, we also get a 25-year guarantee on lighting.”

— Chris Hamill
Vice President, Century Golf Partners Management, Owner of The Club At Sonterra

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