Light-Structure Green™

A complete sports-lighting system designed and manufactured from foundation to poletop in 5 Easy Pieces™.

Unequaled performance . . .
for your budget, for the environment.
  • Cuts operating costs in half
  • Reduces spill light by 50%
  • Includes system monitoring and remote on/off control
  • Provides guaranteed Constant Light™
5 Easy Pieces™
  • Complete system from foundation-to-poletop
  • Factory wired, aimed and tested
  • Fast, trouble-free installation
  • Comprehensive corrosion package

Musco's Constant 25™ — 25-year product assurance and
warranty program.

Provides 25 years of trouble-free lighting equipment operation, including parts, labor, and group lamp replacement.

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Musco Sports Lighting LSG Graphic