Temporary Lighting Solutions

In 1982, we revolutionized sports lighting by introducing our Mobile Lighting System, Musco Light™, at Notre Dame Stadium for the first night game ever in South Bend. Since then, our innovative temporary lighting solutions have only gotten better. From small baseball fields, to college football stadiums, to movie sets, this powerful technology delivers rapid setup, quick tear down, and high-quality lighting without breaking your budget.

Musco Light™ - A Powerful Mobile Solution

The most powerful and innovative mobile lighting solution in the world, Musco Light™ is completely self-contained and has provided lighting for hundreds of sports broadcasts and feature films.

Mini Musco™ - A Versatile and Cost-Effective Solution

Ideal for settings with tight locations where maneuverability is at a premium, Mini Musco™ is our Academy Award winning solution that offers maximum versatility without sacrificing light quality.

Light-Structure System™ - A Temporary Outdoor Solution

Our convenient and streamlined temporary Light-Structure System is an ideal solution for major sporting events, construction sites, parking lots, special events, and other outdoor areas.

SportsCluster® System - A Temporary Solution for a Variety of Structures

Our temporary SportsCluster® System is a versatile solution that can be mounted on a wide range of structures to illuminate or augment existing lighting at arenas, stadiums, and outdoor areas.

Recent Projects

Air + Style Musco Mobile's first LED project
Air + Style – Pasadena, CA
When the Air + Style Show needed a trusted lighting manufacturer, they called Musco. Click here to view more projects.

“In 1982, we developed a state-of-the-art mobile lighting system for the first televised night college football game held at Notre Dame Stadium. Today, we're continuing that tradition of innovation by incorporating the LED light source in our mobile systems for an even more enhanced result.”

— Jeff Rogers Vice President of Developmental Sales Musco Lighting