Amway Center –
Home of the Orlando Magic

Orlando, Florida, USA

Amway Center - Home of the Orlando Magic

Orlando Magic Revamp Fan Experience at Amway Center with Musco LED System

“The City of Orlando is leading by example by making energy efficiency improvements to our own facilities. These improvements will not only save our taxpayers money, but they will also make a significant impact to our community by creating a more sustainable environment for future generations to come.”

— Buddy Dyer
City of Orlando

In keeping with its tradition of offering an unmatched fan experience, Amway Center officials wanted a lighting system that would offer a superior visual experience, without compromising the venue’s energy efficiency. Officials found its solution with the installation of a Musco LED system.

Amway Center opened its doors in 2010 as the home of the NBA’s Orlando Magic and has quickly become one of the elite entertainment venues in the league. That tradition will continue with a new system that will help the team reduce energy costs and provide the latest in sports lighting entertainment in time for the 2016-2017 NBA season.

The system will provide the venue with several additional benefits:

  • Improved Visibility – Customized optics focuses light onto the playing surface, preventing light from shining into the eyes of players and spectators
  • Enhanced Experience – Superior light quality creates a stage-like atmosphere for spectators and eliminates the “flicker” effect during slow motion replay
  • Energy Efficiency – Provides instant on/off capabilities and dimming controls for the light output to be adjusted when full power of the system is not needed
  • Special Effects – Interfaces with a DMX control board for special effects

The system will reduce energy consumption at Amway Center by 60 percent compared to the prior lighting equipment. And maintenance costs will be eliminated with a comprehensive 10-year parts and labor warranty.

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