Aquila Park Softball and Baseball

St. Louis Park, Minnesota, USA

St. Louis Park Aquila Softball

Aquila Park Updates Its Fields’ Outdated Lighting
with Musco’s State-of-the-Art LED Technology

  • The system prevents glare and light spill from affecting the surrounding community, especially homes along the south and west border of the park and motorists traveling along West 31st street and West 33rd street.
  • City staff can control the lights from anywhere, instantly, with the touch of a button thanks to Musco’s Control-Link® control system, which also provides 24/7 monitoring and support.
  • The City won’t have to pay any maintenance costs well into the future as a result of Musco’s long-term warranty covering every part and all labor.
  • The Park was able to receive both retrofit and complete systems from Musco resulting from its 5 Easy Pieces™ complete system solution, which provides everything from the base to the pole top, reducing the number of companies involved in the purchasing process.
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