New Possibilities for Airport Apron Floodlighting

The partnership between Musco and ADB SAFEGATE offers airports a suite of superior solutions designed to support airport development and improve operational performance, efficiency, and safety. If you’re interested in exploring what this could mean for your facility, we can help.

5 Easy Pieces™

Light-Structure System™ is designed in 5 Easy Pieces from foundation to poletop to provide a complete solution for lighting, electrical, and structural needs.

  • Unique reflector system and optic design provide optimal energy efficiency and light control.
  • Patented glare control technology keeps light away from neighbouring facilities.
  • Durable system delivers trouble-free operation.
  • Small structural footprint maximises the available area around the poles.

Retrofit Solution

  • Includes new crossarms
  • Factory aimed, wired, and tested
  • New wire harnesses ensure no exposed wiring and solid connections with quick connection plug-ins
  • Electrical Components Enclosures are located remotely for easy access

Light Control and Management

  • Control-Link™ controls and monitoring system manages facility lighting and other electrical equipment
  • Designed to interface with new or existing control systems
  • Adaptive control options provide dimming when gates are not in use


  • Includes 10-year parts and labour warranty
  • Backed by a global team of trained technicians
  • Provides guaranteed light levels for 10 years
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