Turf Moor Stadium – Home of the Burnley Football Club

Burnley, U.K.

Turf Moor Stadium

Burnley FC Showcases Premier League Return Under Musco’s LED System

Burnley Football Club will return to the Premier League in full force with the installation of Musco’s LED floodlights at Turf Moor.

Burnley earned its promotion back into the top-tier league in England after claiming the Football League Championship. After reviewing several lighting manufacturers, club officials chose Musco’s SportsCluster Green™ LED system to provide an improved visual experience at Turf Moor, while meeting strict Premier League lighting standards.

The new lighting solution will replace the floodlights previously installed by Musco in 1996 and provide several cost-saving benefits at Turf Moor:

  • Visibility – Custom optics direct light onto the pitch without creating glare shining into the eyes of players and spectators
  • Performance – Increases light levels by 100 percent and provides a more uniform light distribution on the pitch, while only increasing energy consumption by 20 percent
  • Efficient Controls – Dimming controls allow for light output to be adjusted when full power of the system is not required
  • Entertainment –Theatrical special effects provide customised pre-game and halftime lighting displays

Along with the lighting system at Turf Moor, the club has selected Musco’s LED lighting solution at its training ground. Both systems will be covered by a 10-year long-term parts and labor warranty backed by a team of technicians that will eliminate maintenance costs for the next decade.

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