Trump National Doral Miami

Miami, FL, USA

Trump National Doral Miami

Musco Brings LED Technology to Doral

“Lighting is a critical component of any project and structure. It’s essential to the overall impact and experience of our guest. Musco’s expertise in this field is second to none and the results they have delivered at several of our properties has been exceptional.”

— Eric Trump
Executive VP of Development and Acquisitions
The Trump Organization

Recognised among the most prestigious golf resorts in the world, the Trump National Doral Miami is on the leading edge of luxury and innovation. So when the decision was made to add new floodlights for the resort’s driving range, they needed a partner equally recognised across the globe for innovation and technological solutions.

Having provided lighting for golf courses and driving ranges in 21 countries, Musco brought the experience, reputation, and commitment to customisation it would take to make Doral the first driving range in the United States to use LED lighting technology.

A key challenge with the project was location, which is just five miles from the Miami International Airport. Musco engineers carefully analysed lighting levels on flight patterns at different elevations to ensure no glare was being created for pilots.

To design the system Musco’s engineering team analysed the flight trajectories of various golf club loft angles to ensure proper illumination at a variety of elevations. The lights would cover an area 274 m long and 155 m wide. Each of the more than 14,500 LEDs were mounted in 134 custom fixtures with precise aiming angles as a way to eliminate spill and optimise the controllability and efficiency of the lights.

In the end, the project resulted in energy savings of 65 percent when compared to a typical floodlighting system, while achieving dramatically enhanced floodlighting for the driving range.

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