Jaxport Cruise Terminal Parking Mall

Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Jaxport Cruise Terminal

Jaxport Cruise Terminal opts for a proven LED system for energy efficiency
and safer experience at new parking mall

The Jacksonville Cruise Terminal’s (Jaxport) newly constructed Parking Mall is a large, uncovered facility servicing the nearly 200,000 passengers who embark on cruise ships from the port every year. The Jacksonville Port Authority, which owns and operates the parking lot, opted for LED lighting technology to provide a safer parking environment for travellers and cut costs through improved energy efficiency. Jaxport project leaders chose Musco and its TLC for LED™ technology, due largely to the success of their previous partnership at another of its port terminals.

  • The Port Authority gained peace of mind and a LED system it knew it could trust, having previously worked with Musco and its TLC for LED™ technology at the Blount Island Marine Terminal.
  • Travellers parking at the Jaxport facility enjoy a safer experience in an environment with the necessary light levels and more uniform distribution, eliminating unwanted dark areas.
  • Drivers on highway I-295 passing north and south of the facility won’t be distracted by glare as a result of the system’s patented visoring and light control technology designed around the TLC for LED luminaires.
  • Energy consumption at the Jaxport parking terminal is reduced by 36 per cent compared to if they had opted for typical metal halide equipment.
  • The Port Authority won’t pay any maintenance costs until 2028 with Musco’s long-term warranty that covers every part and all labour involved with servicing the system.
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