Louisville International Airport

Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport

Louisville International Airport Resolves Maintenance and Safety Concerns with TLC for LED™ Technology

The Challenge

When facility leaders decided to update the lighting at Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport (SDF), their main priority was to gain an efficient system that would ensure long-term reliability. The facility’s previous lighting wasn’t meeting expectations and required constant repair, especially the system’s lowering devices. In addition to efficiency and reliability, facility leaders wanted a system that could deliver the best possible visibility in order to enhance workers’ safety and overall production.

The Solution

With the availability of a cooperative purchasing contract, Louisville was able to save time and money while satisfying the public bid requirements, influencing facility leaders to partner with Musco and its Total Light Control—TLC for LED™ retrofit. Musco was able to provide new fixed crossarms for the luminaires and streamlined the maintenance process by placing the electrical components enclosure lower on the column, enabling the system to be serviced from a step ladder instead of a crane or lift. Additionally, facility staff will enjoy superior visibility as a result of the system’s factory aiming and patented visoring technology accomplishing greater light levels while minimising glare and spill light.

Project Facts

System: Total Light Control—TLC for LED™ Retrofit
Number of Luminaires: 67
Energy Reduction: 52%

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