San Diego International Airport

San Diego, California, USA

San Diego International Airport

TLC for LED™ Retrofit Helps San Diego International Airport Create Safer Work Environment and Save Nearly $1 Million Over the Next Decade

  • Ground crews enjoy better visibility and a safer environment with increased light levels and custom optics which achieve a more uniform distribution of light.
  • SAN will realise a cost-of-ownership savings of nearly $1 million over 10 years since energy consumption has been reduced by 76 per cent compared to the previous lighting, Musco’s long-term parts and labour warranty will eliminate maintenance costs, and the lighting is part of an overarching sustainability initiative at the airport.
  • Installation of the new lighting was fast and streamlined as a result of the Musco’s complete system design with all parts of the system arriving together, a key benefit over non-system luminaires with individual parts and pieces arriving separately from different manufacturers.
  • Glare won’t impact pilots, air traffic controllers, or ground crews, with the system’s patented visoring around the luminaires that minimises glare coming from the light source.
  • San Diego’s beautiful harbour and hotel district directly south of SAN won’t be affected by spill light as a result of the system’s exceptional light control and cut-off, keeping light only in the areas for which it’s intended.
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