Babson College

Babson Park, Massachusetts, USA

Babson College

Babson College Satisfies NCAA Lighting Requirements while Remaining Courteous to
Campus Residents

The Challenge

Babson College—a private institute located in the “Babson Park” section of Wellesley, Massachusetts—had a number of requirements to meet when lighting its band new tennis complex. The college needed a solution capable of satisfying NCAA requirements and providing the best possible visibility for matches, while preserving darkness for students living in the dorms just north of the tennis courts.

The Solution

Babson had worked with Musco in the past and was well aware of its ability to deliver and focus high-quality lighting. As a result, the college turned to Musco’s Total Light Control—TLC for LED® technology. The courts new custom designed system includes clear, uniform lighting that meets NCAA requirements, as well as precisely placed and aimed fixtures designed to cut off spill light and minimize glare from intruding upon residents living in the nearby Van Winkle Hall dormitory.

  “We are thrilled to have Musco as our light provider. Our experience has been amazing. We have one of the best environments to play a night match in the country. It feels as though we are training and play matches in a Pro environment.”

— Michael Kopelman
Head Tennis Coach
Babson College

Project Facts

System: TLC for LED® technology
Number of Fixtures: 40
Energy Reduction (compared to HID): 77%
Footcandle Average: 50

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