Bakersfield College — Memorial Stadium

Bakersfield, California, USA

Bakersfield College Memorial Stadium football field under improve lighting system

Bakersfield College Expands Hosting Capabilities at
Historic Stadium with Musco TLC for LED® Retrofit

The Challenge

The Solution

“I was very pleased to work with Musco on the Bakersfield College Stadium Upgrade project. Musco support is superb. They provided information on design, photometrics and structural calculations. Any questions were quickly answered. They provided the most efficient design in terms of power usage with fixtures that weighed the least. I highly recommend them to anyone thinking of a retrofit upgrade.”

— Patricia J. Hayes, P.E.
Electrical Engineering

Project Facts

System: Total Light Control – TLC for LED™ retrofit

Number of Fixtures: 104 total

On-Field Light Levels:
  • Football: 75 horizontal footcandles
  • Track: 50 horizontal footcandles
  • Football: 1.5:1
  • Track: 4:1
Bakersfield College Memorial Stadium Photo Gallery