Salt Lake Bees – Smith’s Ballpark

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Smith’s Ballpark

Salt Lake Bees Upgrade Lighting at Smith’s Ballpark to Meet MiLB Requirements, Energize Fan Experience

  • Smith’s Ballpark has achieved MiLB lighting standards with an average of 100 footcandles delivered to the infield and 75 footbandles to the outfield, while avoiding the creation of dark spots and shadows.
  • Fans enjoy an exciting new stadium experience as a result of Show-Light’s special effects for pre-game light shows and celebrating home runs and team wins.
  • The lighting’s system design and instant on/off capabilities delivers more reliable performance compared to the stadium’s previous lighting, which struggled with frequent fixture outages.
  • The Bees won’t have to pay any maintenance costs through the year 2043 with Musco’s long-term warranty covering every part of the system and all labor.
  • The organization now has a true partner that provides 24/7 service and support through the Control-Link® controls and monitoring system, as well as the fully-staffed call center Team at Control-Link Central™.
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