Bellevue West and East High Schools

Bellevue, Nebraska, USA

Bellevue East High School

Rival High Schools Achieve Shared Lighting Goals with
State-of-the-Art TLC for LED® Retrofit Projects at Multiple Facilities

“Anyone in the market for new sports lighting, you need to seriously consider Musco. The customer service, the technology, the experience they have in the industry, and the warranty was huge. From a school district standpoint, to know that for the next 25 years these lights are going to be good and are going to work for us.”

— Jon Mauro
Activities Director
Bellevue West High School

  • Visibility at both school’s fields is greatly improved, with the football fields achieving an average of 50 footcandles, while the baseball fields achieve 50 footcandles on the infield and 30 footcandles in the outfield.
  • Players and fans are able to track the entire flight of the ball like never before as a result of BallTracker® technology, which lights the ball’s underside and creates more contrast against the night sky.
  • Staff at both schools can control their lights instantly, from anywhere, with the touch of a smart phone and no longer have to make late-night trips to the fields to manually turn them off with Control-Link® system.
  • Homes neighboring the fields at West and East high schools aren’t affected by glare or spill light due to patented glare control and the system’s ability to direct the light precisely where intended.
  • Bellevue School District won’t have to pay for maintenance at any of the fields until the year 2044 with Musco’s 25-year warranty that covers every part and all labor.
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