Berthoud High School — Max Marr Stadium

Berthoud, Colorado, USA

Berthoud High School upgrades lighting at while reducing spill and glare at Max Marr Stadium with Musco's TLC for LED system.

Berthoud High School Meets Strict Lighting Standards at
Local Stadium with Musco Technology

The Challenge

The Solution

“We had a great experience working with Musco for our turnkey project. Edwin from Musco listened to our challenges and did some research and gave us a cost effective proposal. Our community has been thrilled with how the project turned out. Our Rep, Edwin has followed up with tests to make sure their product has performed at the level they promised. Between the service we’ve been provided as well as the quality of the equipment, it makes it an easy decision if you are thinking about upgrading to an LED package.”

— Kevin Clark, CAA
Director of Activities & Athletics
Thompson School District

Project Facts

System: Total Light Control – TLC for LED™ technology

Number of Fixtures: 42

On-Field Light Levels: 40 horizontal footcandles

Uniformity: 3:1 min:max

Glare Control at Property Line:
  • Avg: 3,646 candela
  • Max: 5,733 candela
Max Mar Stadium Photo Gallery