Bosse Field

Evansville, Indiana, USA

Baseball game being played on Bosse Field with Musco TLC for LED retrofit

City of Evansville Hits a Home Run with Musco’s LED Stadium Lighting Retrofit

The Challenge

The Solution

“Working with Musco to enhance the usability of this historic field was an excellent experience for us. Utilizing performance contracting and working with Energy Systems Group (ESG) and Musco, the customer was able to make major enhancements to their lighting systems while adding multiple entertainment features. From engineering to final project checkout, Musco was very responsive and together we left a happy customer and an excellent fan experience for all that attend.”

— Nick Atherton
Account Executive
Energy Systems Group

Project Facts

System: Total Light Control – TLC for LED™ retrofit; Show-Light+® with RGBW

Number of Fixtures: 88

On-Field Light Levels:
  • Infield: 100 horizontal footcandles
  • Outfield: 70 horizontal footcandles
  • Infield: 1.5:1 max: min
  • Outfield: 2:1 max: min
Bosse Field Photo Gallery