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Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Boston College

Boston College Upgrades Several Sports Facilities with TLC for LED® Lighting to Meet Broadcast Requirements and Keep Neighbors Happy

“The most important thing I’d say about Musco’s LED system is that, as a customer, it allows you to sleep at night. I know it’s a reliable system that, when we need it to work, is going to work. And I know if we need Musco for anything, the second we pick up the phone and call, they’re going to be out here.”

— Matt Conway
Associate Athletic Director
Facilities and Operations
Boston College

  • All of BC’s major venues meet broadcast requirements set forth by the NCAA, ESPN, and the Atlantic Coast Conference, and provide a better environment for student-athletes.
  • Servicing and routine maintenance is simplified with drivers located remotely from the light fixtures, eliminating the need to shut down operations and bring in a crane or lift.
  • Homes around BC’s outdoor facilities won’t be impacted by glare or spill light as a result of patented visoring, with light control and cut-off far superior to the other LED providers being considered.
  • BC’s student-athletes, fans, and gold-clad student “Superfans” enjoy a re-energized experience with Show-Light® entertainment package, providing exciting new special effects and light shows for player introductions, big plays, halftime, and postgame celebrations.
  • BC won’t pay for maintenance at any of its newly re-lit facilities through the year 2044 with Musco’s 25-year warranty covering every part and all labor.
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