Bracewell Stadium

Burlington, Iowa

Bracewell Stadium

Friday Night Lights Shine with LED in Burlington

“Our renovated stadium is now one of the most unique and high tech high school football fields in the nation with its new LED lights. Musco did a fantastic job on delivery, installation and most important, the design of these new stadium lights. The new LED lights provide a crisp clear white light that is second to none. Our players, coaches, fans, and neighbors love the look, feel and playability of these state of the art energy efficient lights.”

— Kevin Mueller
Purple and Gray Foundation

It was 1929 when, in Burlington, Iowa, the high school’s new Bracewell Stadium became one of the first high school stadiums in the country to host a football game under lights. Now, 85 years later, the venerable stadium once again has made history as the first high school stadium in the country to feature LED lighting.

The new lights—which were debuted at Bracewell Stadium for Burlington’s first game on August 29, 2014—enhance the on-field playing experience for the student-athletes, while achieving a total energy savings of 50 percent.