Brooklyn Center High School

Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, USA

Brooklyn Center High School Football Field

Brooklyn Center Welcomes Back Friday Night Lights with Help from Thielen Foundation and Musco

The Challenge

Brooklyn Center High School (BCHS) had faced financial hardships for years, but when the Centaurs’ lights went out halfway through a heated football game in 2018, no one suspected that Friday Night Lights would be put on hold for nearly three years. The local energy company inspected BCHS’ lighting system, which was installed over 30 years ago by a different manufacturer, and quickly red-tagged it as a safety hazard, never to be used again. Because BCHS couldn’t afford new lights at the time, the school rescheduled all nighttime sporting events to the afternoon, complicating parents’ schedules and straining students’ school spirit and academic motivation.

The Solution

“Every school and athlete deserves to have great equipment and resources and we believe if they feel good about who they are on the field, they will also have confidence in the classroom and ultimately be successful in life.”

— Adam Thielen
Thielen Foundation

Project Facts

System: Total Light Control—TLC for LED™ system
Number of Fixtures: 36
Energy Reduction (compared to typical HID equipment): 75%
Footcandle Average: 48.1