Broussard Sports Complex

Broussard, Louisiana, USA

Broussard Sports Complex Chooses Musco’s Experience, BallTracker® Technology, and Superior Service to Achieve Lighting Goals

“If someone came to me and asked about building a new complex or changing lights on an old complex and which LED lighting I would use, I would go straight to Musco. I wanted clean, bright light only where we needed it, not everywhere else. What I saw from other manufacturers was too much glare, and you could have problems tracking the ball. I have not seen any others that can do what Musco’s do in terms of brightness and eliminating glare.”

— Jack Hains
Director of Parks and Recreation
City of Broussard

The recently-built Broussard Sports Complex at Julien Park in Broussard, Louisiana, is a facility unlike any other in the area. Spanning more than 120 acres with multiple fields for soccer, football, softball, and baseball, as well as tennis courts, it’s a massive complex that’s used year-round. For its lighting, the city needed a partner that would bring not just experience lighting all kinds of sports fields, but also expertise in utilizing the LED light source.

With previous experience working with Musco, project leaders at Broussard knew of the company’s proven experience, high-quality service, and expertise. Still, they explored a full range of LED sports lighting manufacturers. In the end, and after observing the performance of Musco’s system at a similar complex in Georgia, no other supplier could match Musco’s superior technology, controls, reliability, and service.

Key benefits being realized at Broussard Sports Complex include:

  • Peace of Mind – Project leaders at Broussard had previous experience working with Musco, which assured them that they’d get the highest-quality lighting, reliability, and service in the industry.
  • Better Visibility and Ball Tracking – Musco’s TLC for LED® system with BallTracker delivered clean light coverage, no dark spots, and the ability for players and umpires to more easily track the ball from the bat to the glove.
  • No Glare Affecting Players – The system’s patented visoring eliminates glare from affecting players on the field and on adjacent fields, which none of the other manufacturers’ fixtures could achieve.
  • No Neighbor Complaints – With homes located very close to the complex’s soccer fields, the impressive light control and cut-off is a critical feature and has received nothing but positive feedback from neighbors.
  • Easy Controls – Using Musco’s Control-Link® app, facility managers can turn the lights on and off for the entire complex, individual fields, as well as lighting for the complex’s parking lot, gate areas, and walkways with the touch of a smart phone.
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