Canyon Independent School District —
Happy State Bank Stadium

Canyon, Texas, USA

Happy State Bank Stadium lit at night with Musco's TLC for LED® system

Canyon ISD’s New TLC for LED® Technology
Helps Transform Player and Spectator Experience

The Challenge

When Canyon Independent School District (ISD) gained sole ownership of Happy State Bank Stadium, formerly known as Kimbrough Memorial Stadium, district leaders wanted to provide a new experience at the facility by bringing its technology up to modern day standards. Included in the district’s stadium overhaul were plans to upgrade the 50-year-old lighting system, which was unable to provide the light level levels needed to create optimal viewing conditions for players or fans. In addition to improved visibility, district leaders wanted a new system to reduce energy consumption as well as a long-term warranty that would eliminate maintenance costs and concerns.

The Solution

Canyon ISD knew of Musco’s reputation as an industry leader and opted for the company’s Total Light Control – TLC for LED™ system with Show-Light® entertainment services. Players and fans will enjoy superior visibility as a result of Musco’s factory-aiming capability and patented visoring technology accomplishing greater light levels on the field while applying more controlled lighting to intended areas within the stadium. The system’s instant on/off and dimming capabilities allow the district to achieve significant energy savings while maintenance costs and concerns are eliminated with Musco’s long-term warranty covering every part and all labor for the system through the year 2044.

“We had been playing out there for years and it’s been a little bit dark, but now the whole game day experience is really just ten to one better than in the past. The lights make for a more enjoyable fan experience and are simply better than what we had.”

— Toby Tucker
Athletic Director
Canyon Independent School District

Project Facts

System: Total Light Control – TLC for LED™,
Show-Light® entertainment services
Number of Fixtures: 84 Total
On-Field Light Levels: 75 horizontal footcandles

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