Clarksville High School

Clarksville, Arkansas, USA

Clarksville Metheny Field under Musco TLC for LED lights

Clarksville Enjoys Visual Atmosphere Like Never Before with
New LED Lighting at Community Stadium

The Challenge

Clarksville High School’s Metheny Field at Whitson Morgan Stadium has served its community for 45 years, and throughout that time school leaders have given back to the community by continuously maintaining and improving the facility. After installing a new turf field in 2016, the school began looking into new stadium lighting that would transform the atmosphere for the many athletic events and community gatherings held there. Clarksville hadn’t updated its lighting since the field was first built and needed a reliable system with new support structures to increase light levels and minimize glare and light spill.

The Solution

  “We were looking for someone who we could trust and someone who we knew had experience. When you buy into the lighting system with Musco, you’re also receiving the services after installation. On our fall Friday nights, we like our football, and in the spring, we like our soccer. And now, we like our lighting system as well from Musco.”

— Michael Banning
Athletic Director
Clarksville High School

Project Facts

System: New Total Light Control—TLC for LED™ system
Number of Fixtures: 44
Energy Reduction (compared to typical HID Equipment): 76%
Average Footcandle: 40
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