Climate Pledge Arena

Seattle, WA

Outdoor photo of the Climate Pledge Arena sign and facility

Climate Pledge Arena Turns to TLC for LED® System at the
World’s First Certified Net-Zero Carbon Arena

The Challenge

The Solution

“In my world, Musco is the go-to for any project of this size. You have the corporate support, the institutional knowledge, and decades of experience, so going with Musco is natural. The flexibility of the Musco system makes everyone’s job here easier, and the ability to change and reprogram on a dime is a game changer. Working with Musco has made opening an arena that much easier.”

— Randy Foster
Director of Production
Climate Pledge Arena

Project Facts

System: Total Light Control – TLC for LED™, Show-Light® entertainment package

Number of Fixtures: 312
  • Hockey Only – 116
  • Basketball Only – 60
  • Hockey & Basketball – 92
  • Seating – 44
Light Levels
  • Hockey – 385 horizontal footcandles
  • Basketball – 395 horizontal footcandles
  • Hockey – Horizontal: 1.29:1 max to min
  • Basketball – Horizontal: 1.2:1 max to min
Climate Pledge Arena Video