Daphne Sports Complex
& W.O. Lott Park

Daphne, Alabama, USA

Daphne Sports Complex

Daphne, Alabama, Achieves 20-Year Goal of State-of-the-Art Lighting at City Parks

The Challenge

City leaders in Daphne, Alabama, had been planning and preparing for 20 years to add high-quality lighting to the baseball fields at Daphne Sports Complex as well as the tennis courts at W.O. Lott Park. With both parks being owned by the city, officials wanted to ensure the best possible lighting for community members with an LED system that would create superior visibility, be easy to operate, and prevent glare and spill light from affecting neighbors and drivers on nearby roads.

The Solution

Project Facts

System: Total Light Control—TLC for LED™

Number of Fixtures:
  • Daphne SC- 256
  • W.O LP- 56
Energy Reduction (compared to typical HID Equipment):
  • Daphne SC- 74%
  • W.O LP- 78%
Average Footcandle:
  • Daphne SC- 30 & 50
  • W.O. LP- 30
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