Denver Public Schools

Denver, Colorado, USA

Evie Garrett Dennis Campus Field - Denver Public Schools

Denver Public Schools Improves Light Levels and Adheres to City’s Energy Initiative
with Multiple TLC for LED® Retrofits

With the existing lights at All City Field and Evie Garrett Dennis Campus Field failing to achieve necessary light levels and consuming excessive amounts of energy, Denver Public Schools (DPS) moved ahead with new LED systems at both facilities. In addition to improving light levels and uniformity at both stadiums, it was essential that the new lighting align with the City of Denver’s energy efficiency initiative, minimize spill and glare, and save DPS money in the long-term. After exploring a wide range of options, the district found that Musco’s Total Light Control—TLC for LED® technology was the best solution to meet all of its goals.

  • Student-athletes and spectators at both stadiums enjoy better visibility with the new systems achieving
    50 footcandles across the fields, delivered with much better uniformity.
  • DPS will realize significant long-term savings and align with the city’s energy initiative as a result of the 75 percent reduction in energy consumption at both facilities compared to the previous lighting.
  • Residents and drivers near both stadiums won’t be affected by spill or glare due to the systems’ patented visoring around the TLC for LED fixtures, achieving exceptional light control and cut-off.
  • The district won’t have to pay maintenance costs at either stadium through the year 2045 with Musco’s 25-year warranty that covers every part of the system and all labor.
  • DPS has found a high-quality, energy efficient, cost-effective lighting solution for other stadiums throughout the city when it’s time for new lighting or LED retrofits.
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