Art Dye Softball/Pickleball Complex

American Fork, Utah, USA

Art Dye Complex

Art Dye Complex Lights New Pickleball and Softball Facilities while Preventing Light Spill and Complying with Curfew

The Challenge

The city of American Fork in Utah has been developing the residential areas around Art Dye Park and, as a result, city leaders have noticed an increasing amount of people utilizing the park’s pickleball and softball facilities. In order to enhance playability and expand opportunities to use the facilities, the city wanted to install high-quality LED lighting that would prevent light spill and glare from intruding on nearby homes, and be easily controlled so the lights could be shut off in accordance with the community’s curfew.

The Solution

Project Facts

System: Total Light Control—TLC for LED™
Number of Fixtures: 195
Energy Reduction (compared to typical HID Equipment): 77%
Footcandle Average: 60
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