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Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Boston College

Boston College Upgrades Several Sports Facilities with TLC for LED® Lighting
to Meet Broadcast Requirements and Keep Neighbors Happy

“The most important thing I’d say about Musco’s LED system is that, as a customer, it allows you to sleep at night. I know it’s a reliable system that, when we need it to work, is going to work. And I know if we need Musco for anything, the second we pick up the phone and call, they’re going to be out here.”

— Matt Conway
Associate Athletic Director
Facilities and Operations
Boston College

As the home to major Division I NCAA athletic programs, Boston College (BC) needed to upgrade lighting at several of its sports facilities to meet broadcast requirements and, equally important, better meet the needs of student-athletes and fans. At the same time, with some of its outdoor facilities located in residential areas within Chestnut Hill, BC’s project leaders were also committed to minimizing glare and spill light to continue being a good neighbor in the community. After carefully researching a variety of LED sports lighting providers, BC chose Musco—with whom it had partnered on virtually all of its previous sports lighting projects—and its TLC for LED® system for superior light quality, glare control,
and reliability.

  • All of BC’s major venues meet broadcast requirements set forth by the NCAA, ESPN, and the Atlantic Coast Conference, and provide a better environment for student-athletes.
  • Servicing and routine maintenance is simplified with drivers located remotely from the light fixtures, eliminating the need to shut down operations and bring in a crane or lift.
  • Homes around BC’s outdoor facilities won’t be impacted by glare or spill light as a result of patented visoring, with light control and cut-off far superior to the other LED providers being considered.
  • BC’s student-athletes, fans, and gold-clad student “Superfans” enjoy a re-energized experience with Show-Light™ entertainment package, providing exciting new special effects and light shows for player introductions, big plays, halftime, and postgame celebrations.
  • BC won’t pay for maintenance at any of its newly re-lit facilities through the year 2044 with Musco’s 25-year warranty covering every part and all labor.
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