The Ford Center at The Star

Frisco, Texas, USA

The Ford Center at The Star

Cowboys Team Up with Musco Again, Install LED System at Practice Facility

The Dallas Cowboys’ new $1 billion headquarters and practice facility opened in August 2016 with Musco’s TLC for LED™ technology. After partnering with Musco in 2015 for the new LED lighting system in the AT&T Stadium, the Dallas Cowboys relied on the system design and application expertise of Musco.

The system provides many benefits to the team, helping them achieve sustainability and performance goals:

  • Efficient Controls – Provides instant on/off capabilities and dimming controls for the light output to be adjusted when full power of the system is not needed.
  • Superior Light Quality – Customized optics focuses light onto the playing surface, preventing light from shining into the eyes of players and coaches.
  • Unmatched Warranty – Eliminates maintenance costs with a comprehensive 10-year parts and labor warranty, backed by our team of technicians.
  • Reliable Performance – Lighting, electrical, and structural components engineered as a complete system ensure optimal performance.

Additionally, the system will reduce energy consumption at the facility by 56 percent when compared to typical HID lighting equipment.