Clinton Lake Softball Complex
Holcom Sports Park​

Lawrence, Kansas, USA

Clinton Lake Softball Complex

City of Lawrence, Kansas Solves Unique Problems at Two Sports Complexes
with TLC for LED® Technology

Home to Clinton Lake Softball Complex and Holcom Sports Complex, the city of Lawrence, Kansas needed sports lighting solutions that would meet the distinct needs of both facilities. The lighting at the Clinton Complex was struggling with reliability and poor light levels, making an LED retrofit necessary. Holcom needed an entire new system installed to replace the existing HID lights and aging wooden poles. They both needed lighting to continue offering extended hours of play and provide improved visibility, glare control, energy efficiency, and cost savings. Having worked together on previous projects, the city chose to have Musco’s Total Light Control—TLC for LED® system installed at both complexes.

  • Visibility on the field of play is greatly enhanced, with both complexes achieving 20 footcandles in the outfield and 30 footcandles on the infield.
  • Residences surrounding Holcom and drivers on Highway 10 near Clinton aren’t affected by glare or light spill with the system’s patented visoring technology.
  • The city saved money at Clinton by retrofitting with LED system technology that includes new structural cross arms mounted to the facility’s existing poles.
  • The city gained structural reliability at Holcom with the installation of Light-Structure System, replacing the aging wooden poles with galvanized steel poles.
  • Energy consumption has been reduced by 76 percent at both complexes compared to the previous lighting, minimizing the city’s environmental footprint and reducing cost of ownership.
  • The city won’t have to pay for maintenance at either complex through the year 2044 with Musco’s 25-year warranty covering every part and all labor.
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