Newcastle Racecourse

Gosforth Park, Newcastle, U.K.

Newcastle Racecourse

Overcoming Challenges to Bring Night Racing to One of England's Prized Racecourses

The Arena Racing Company (ARC) wanted to provide a superior visual experience at Newcastle Racecourse by installing a new lighting system. But the project presented a number of different challenges for ARC officials. That’s why the ARC turned to Musco for a customized Green Generation Lighting® solution that met the unique needs of the project.

Not only did the lighting project have to maintain the historical architecture of the venue, it also had to minimize its spill light because the facility is located near an airport, a highway, a residential area and it’s located on a nature reserve. Musco had to accomplish all of this, along with meeting the strict racing guidelines outlined by the British Horse Racing Authority (BHA).

Musco’s team provided a unique lighting design at the venue to make it happen. The system lights the course, along with the run-off area where the jockeys slow down, minimizing the light spilling into the community and maintaining optimal visibility in the nearby airport and highway.

The system also features the following benefits to meet the needs of the project:

  • Precise Light Control – Customized optics direct light onto the lit area of the course and minimizes glare from shining into the eyes of jockeys.
  • Superior Performance – Maintains an average of 70 vertical footcandles to meet BHA television requirements.
  • Industry-Leading Warranty – Includes a comprehensive 10-year parts and labor warranty that eliminates maintenance costs.

The Newcastle Racecourse became the only course in the world with a lit straight mile. Additionally, the project also includes Musco’s LED lighting at the photo-finish to ensure accurate results.

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