Ocean City High School

Ocean City, New Jersey, USA

Ocean City High School (After)

Ocean City’s Carey Stadium Resolves Frequent Maintenance and Reliability Issues
With System-Based Retrofit

“First and foremost, we needed a solution that would provide the best lighting inside the stadium without creating glare or spilling light around it. Equally important was reliability. The previous lighting had gotten to a point where constant repairs and maintenance was a real problem. Retrofitting with Musco’s LED system has helped achieve our goals on all fronts.”

— Steve Longo
Public Works Manager
Ocean City

Carey Stadium in Ocean City, New Jersey is home to Ocean City High School’s football and track and field programs. In recent years, the existing lighting at the stadium experienced frequent recurring maintenance problems, including corrosion and deterioration caused by salt air from the nearby Atlantic Ocean. The city needed a retrofit solution that would provide enhanced light control features and long-term reliability, while eliminating the constant need for repairs. After evaluating all of the stadium’s specific needs, City leaders determined that Musco’s TLC for LED® technology was the clear choice.

  • Ocean City won’t have to pay for any maintenance costs through the year 2028 or devote resources to servicing the new lights, with Musco’s long-term parts and labor warranty.
  • The new lighting will better withstand harsh coastal weather elements as a result of complete system engineering, which includes new mounting structures and enhanced corrosion protection.
  • Glare and spill light won’t affect nearby homes or motorists on the very active 5th street, along the east side of the stadium, due to patented light and glare control technology.
  • Scheduling and managing the lights is simplified by utilizing the Control-Link® system, allowing staff to manage the lights from anywhere, instantly, with the touch of a smart phone.
  • Playability is enhanced for athletes as a result of the system’s ability to direct more uniform light onto the field, ensuring better visibility for athletes and fans.