Musco Introduces Total Light Control – TLC for LED™ Technology

New solution keeps responsible lighting affordable.

November 2016
New solution keeps responsible lighting affordable.
OSKALOOSA, Iowa–For more than 40 years, Musco has approached sports lighting from a foundation of responsibility—to facility owners, to those using the facility, and to the environment around it. Total Light Control – TLC for LED™ technology continues Musco’s commitment to excellence with an affordable system that delivers pinpoint light control for recreational facilities and is guaranteed for up to 25 years from foundation to poletop. TLC for LED is a trouble-free solution capable of controlling light with precision on the field to create an unmatched playing and viewing experience, while virtually eliminating glare and spill for nearby homes, the surrounding environment, and the night sky. “This new system achieves a level of light control never before possible,” said Jeff Rogers, Vice President of Musco. “We’ve installed systems using the LED light source since 2008 and understand its unique challenges and advantages. With our knowledge of the science of controlling and applying light, TLC for LED provides superior on-field lighting that’s now cost effective for typical recreational facilities.” As with Musco’s metal halide lighting solutions, TLC for LED is designed and engineered in 5 Easy Pieces® as the company’s Light-Structure System™. This system approach offers streamlined installation and long-term reliability, with surge and lightning protection critical for the LED’s sensitive electronic components. Musco’s warranty and maintenance program covering parts and labor guarantees customers in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada won’t have to touch their system or pay to maintain it for 25 years, with a 10-year warranty for customers outside those locations. And Control-Link® provides 24/7 monitoring and support for remote on/off controls, assuring reduced operating costs and that customers’ lights will be on only when activities are scheduled. TLC for LED has been built on a foundation of research and innovation that goes back to 1977, when Musco introduced its first sports lighting solution. In the years since, through the practical application of lab research to real-field settings, Musco has focused its efforts on redirecting previously wasted light back onto the playing surface to create a better playing experience free from glare and spill. “When you step onto a field with Musco lights, it just looks better,” Rogers said. “We’re confident that when you see the performance of TLC for LED you’ll be impressed. It creates a special ballpark atmosphere, improves the experience for players and spectators, and because of its unmatched ability to preserve the darkness directly surrounding the field, neighbors will love it.” Musco has installed its LED solutions at recreational and major sports venues around the world. Some of these include LakePoint Sporting Community, AT&T Stadium, Emirates Stadium, Seminole County Sports Complex, Petco Park, several major college stadiums, and the 2016 Rio Summer Games.

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Since 1976, Musco Lighting has specialized in the design and manufacture of sports and large area lighting solutions around the world. Musco has pioneered systems using metal halide and LED technologies that have made dramatic improvements in energy efficiency and provided affordable ways to control spill light and glare. Permanent and temporary lighting solutions range from neighborhood pitches to Olympic Games. Musco has a global team of experts that partner with customers to plan, complete, and maintain a cost-effective, trouble-free lighting solution for their facility.

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