Eustace High School

Eustace, Texas, USA

Eustace High School football field improved lighting with Musco TLC for LED retrofit

Eustace High School Overcomes Challenges with Existing Poles,
Improves Lighting and Safety with Musco LED Retrofit

The Challenge

When it was time to replace the lighting at Eustace High School’s baseball field, the school purchased new poles and lights from another manufacturer. However, the quality of on-field lighting was sub-par and was a safety concern for student-athletes. The school board determined it would need new lights to be installed that would improve the quality of on-field lighting, and could be retrofitted onto the existing poles the school had purchased. Project leaders at Eustace were interested in utilizing advanced LED field lighting technology, and were considering adding new lighting at the school’s football and softball fields.

The Solution

“Everyone has enjoyed the light show capabilities at our football stadium. This has become a part of our halftime show. Installation of the Musco LED lights at all of our stadiums has also provided a big relief to our maintenance department. We no longer have to worry about replacing multiple bulbs at our football, baseball, and softball fields. We feel that we are providing our students with the best lighting systems available.”

— Coy Holcombe
Eustace ISD

Project Facts

System: TLC for LED® technology; Show‑Light® entertainment package
Number of Fixtures: 139
Energy Reduction (compared to HID): 76%
Average Footcandle:
  • Football – 50
  • Baseball, Softball – Outfield 30, Infield 50
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