St. Vrain Valley School District —
Everly-Montgomery Field

Longmont, Colorado, USA

Everly-Montgomery Field with Musco's factory-aimed LED sports lighting system

St. Vrain Satisfies New Boulder County Lighting Regulations
with Musco’s Highly Controlled LED Sports Lighting Technology

The Challenge

The Solution

“The Musco Lighting system was very easy to install and went together quickly all the fixture heads were numbered, pre aimed and bolted on to the cross arms. The wire harnesses were numbered and plug together. Teck support and site support from Musco was easy to access. Musco had a field Teck on site for the first Day to assist with the Install of the system and answer any questions.”

— James Wakefield
Project Superintendent
Duro Electric

Project Facts

System: Total Light Control – TLC for LED™ retrofit, Show-Light® entertainment services

Number of Fixtures: 67

Light Levels:
  • Football: 50 footcandles
  • Track: 20 footcandles
  • Football: 2:1 max:min
  • Track: 4:1 max:min
Everly-Montgomery Field