George Rogers Clark High School

Winchester, Kentucky, USA

George Rodgers Clark football field with Musco custom LED sports lighting system in the background

George Rogers Clark High School Realizes Years-Long Vision for Athletic Complex with Custom LED Lighting System from Musco

The Challenge

The Solution

“The Musco lighting that is installed throughout the George Rogers Clark High School Athletic Complex looks great. The footcandle levels are spot-on and I’ve heard nothing but compliments about how bright, crisp and glare-free the lighting is. Many thanks to Musco’s Curt Mickey and his team for all of their assistance during the design and installation of this exciting and rewarding project.”

— Jeff Frohlich
Shrout Tate Wilson Consulting Engineers

Project Facts

System: Total Light Control – TLC for LED™ system

Number of Fixtures:
  • Football: 62
  • Tennis: 16
  • Baseball/Softball: 63
Light Levels:
  • Football: 50 footcandles
  • Tennis: 40 footcandles
  • Baseball/Softball:
    • Infield: 50 footcandles
    • Outfield: 30 footcandles
  • Football: 2:1 max:min
  • Tennis: 2:1 max:min
  • Baseball/Softball:
    • Infield: 2:1 max:min
    • Outfield: 2.5:1 max:min
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