Glyndon Park

Vienna, Virginia, USA

Glyndon Park

Glyndon Park Installs Neighborhood Friendly LED Lighting Solution

“Residents around Glyndon Park have grown accustomed to the mature trees and the natural park setting, so the last thing we wanted to do is disrupt the view in the community. Musco’s LED system allowed a sustainable way to extend the play on the field without creating glare on the surrounding neighborhood.”

— Cathy Salgado
Vienna Parks and Recreation

Located in a residential area in Vienna, Virginia, Glyndon Park has never had lights on its Little League® field due to spill and glare concerns from the surrounding neighborhood. With the advancements made in sports lighting, town officials looked to Musco to design a system that would provide a great playing experience for youth athletes without creating disruptive glare for neighbors.

Combining proven system design expertise with application know how, Musco custom designed a system using the LED light source to dramatically reduce off-site spill light and glare, ensure a safer environment for players on the field, and aesthetically blend in with the surrounding environment with painted poles. The reduction in glare will help players have an easier time tracking the ball in the outfield, and will help visibility in the batter’s box.

The new lighting system will provide instant on/off capabilities, precise lighting control and reduce energy consumption at Glyndon Park by 46% when compared to a typical metal halide system. And with Musco’s comprehensive 10-year warranty, backed by a more than 170 member warranty and service team, maintenance on the system is eliminated.

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