Hale End Training Academy – Arsenal Football Club

Holloway, London, U.K.

Hale End Training Academy – Arsenal Football Club

Arsenal Football Club Continues its Partnership with Musco

Arsenal Football Club is no stranger to the benefits offered by an LED lighting system provided by Musco. After installing a state-of-the-art LED system at Emirates Stadium in 2015, the club once again turned to Musco for a lighting solution to conserve energy and provide superior visibility, this time at the Hale End Training Academy.

The installation of the new system at the training academy offers the club a system that reduces energy consumption, minimizes light spilling into the community, and allows the players to track the full trajectory of the ball. 

The LED system includes:

  • Precise Light Control – Customized optics direct light onto the pitch and minimizes glare from shining into the eyes of athletes and the surrounding neighborhood
  • Superior Performance – Provides consistent light uniformity across the playing surface, while reducing energy consumption by 42 percent compared to typical 2000-watt metal halide equipment
  • Energy Savings – Instant on/off capabilities and dimming controls adjust light power output, further enhancing savings
  • Facility Management – Musco’s Control-Link® system provides remote scheduling of the lighting from anywhere with a smartphone app, 24/7 call center, and an easy to use web site
  • Industry-Leading Warranty – The system is covered by a 10-year parts and labor warranty backed by a team of technicians, eliminating maintenance costs

Arsenal FC’s Training Academy joins a long list of English Premier League venues to install Musco’s LED lighting solutions. That list includes: AFC Bournemouth’s Vitality Stadium, Middlesbrough FC’s Riverside Stadium, and Burnley FC’s Turf Moor Stadium and training ground.

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