Hull High School

Hull, Massachusetts, USA

Hull High School baseball/football field lit using Musco's Total Light Control – TLC for LED

Hull High School Gains Long-Term Partner in Musco
for Lighting at Unique Island Setting

The Challenge

Hull High School is located on one of a series of islands, connected by sandbars off the coast of Massachusetts. Being on an island meant Hull High School needed a lighting system customizable to their unique location. When school leaders determined it was time to update their lighting system, they wanted to ensure it came with a long-term warranty and a professional project management partnership.

The Solution

Project Facts

System: TLC for LED® technology

Number of Fixtures: 56

Energy Reduction (compared to typical HID Equipment):
  • Baseball: 76%
  • Football: 75%
Footcandle Average:
  • Baseball: O-50/I-50
  • Football: 50
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