Ashenheim Stadium at Jamaica College

Kingston, Jamaica

Ashenheim Stadium Gains Innovative, Dependable Lighting System
Unlike Any Facility in Jamaica

The Challenge

Jamaica College is the leading all-boys secondary school in Jamaica and is recognized for its impressive academic and athletic achievements. With one of the most developed sports facilities on the island, school leaders noticed an increase of students and community members utilizing its track and facility. As a result, they wanted to provide opportunities into the evening with a lighting system that featured exceptional light control in order to minimize spill and glare in the densely populated neighborhood of east Kingston. Additionally, the system needed to be capable of withstanding Jamaica’s most severe conditions such as hurricanes and earthquakes.

The Solution

  “We pretty much reached out to a number of vendors, and of course, they all made pitches to us, but we were extremely impressed with Musco. It was not just a routine presentation. I learned a lot about light. I learned about clear trespass, lux, lux levels. It was not just making a pitch to sell us something. It was more like educating us and forging a partnership which we were very impressed with. In the end, the execution was flawless.”

— Ian Forbes
Jamaica College School Board
Chairman of Jamaica College Sports Committee

Project Facts

System: New Total Light Control – TLC for LED™ System
Number of Fixtures: 72
Energy Reduction (compared to typical HID Equipment): 76%
Average LUX: 500

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