Jaxport Cruise Terminal Parking Mall

Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Jaxport Cruise Terminal

Jaxport Cruise Terminal Opts for a Proven LED System for Energy Efficiency and Safer Experience at New Parking Mall

  • The Port Authority gained peace of mind and a LED system it knew it could trust, having previously worked with Musco and its TLC for LED® technology at the Blount Island Marine Terminal.
  • Travelers parking at the Jaxport facility enjoy a safer experience in an environment with the necessary light levels and more uniform distribution, eliminating unwanted dark areas.
  • Drivers on I-295 passing north and south of the facility won’t be distracted by glare as a result of the system’s patented visoring and light control technology designed around the TLC for LED fixtures.
  • Energy consumption at the Jaxport parking terminal is reduced by 36 percent compared to if they had opted for typical metal halide equipment.
  • The Port Authority won’t pay any maintenance costs until 2028 with Musco’s long-term warranty that covers every part and all labor involved with servicing the system.
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