Jefferson Street Viaduct​

Ottumwa, Iowa, USA

Ottumwa Cuts Energy, Adds Light Show Capabilities at Jefferson Street Viaduct with Color‑Changing LED System

“As impressive as the new LED system is both in its performance and its efficiency, I was more impressed with Musco’s customer service and attention to detail–especially for a small community organization like ours. To keep our costs down, the Musco team overcame several logistical challenges to make the new, color‑changing LEDs work within the same footprint as the 20-year-old metal halide lamps they replaced.”

— Bradley J. Grefe
Board President
Main Street Ottumwa

  • The city achieved its efficiency goals with the bridge lighting, reducing energy consumption by up to 90 percent compared to the previous HID accent lights.
  • The community will enjoy exciting colored illuminations at the bridge, with the system’s Red-Blue-Green-White color-changing technology, to be used for various celebrations and tributes.
  • The new lighting has resolved the frequent maintenance issues with the aging HID technology, while delivering reliable and trouble-free operation resulting from its complete system design.
  • The system will generate revenue for the city, with members of the city able to submit requests for colored lights to illuminate the bridge for the night.
  • Ottumwa won’t have to pay any maintenance costs on the lights through the year 2029, as a result of Musco’s long-term warranty covering every part of the system and all labor.
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