Lakeway Christian Academy

White Pine, Tennessee, USA

Lakeway Christian Academy

Lakeway Christian Academy Avoids Spill and Glare on
Nearby Interstate Using Musco’s TLC for LED® Technology

The Challenge

Newly-built Lakeway Christian Academy was envisioned to be a premier Christian school with state-of-the-art academic and athletic facilities. The school’s massive athletics complex would include facilities for football, softball, baseball, soccer, track, and tennis, all of which were to be lighted. But with the complex’s close proximity to U.S. Interstate 81, school leaders needed a system that would apply light directly to the fields without creating spill or glare that could be dangerous for interstate drivers. They also needed a way to streamline controls for all of the facilities, and a long-term warranty that would save money.

The Solution

“The solutions Musco provides are top notch. The customer service is available right away, for me this is important due to making sure games run smoothly. The app and controls are easy and allow for flexibility from any location. And the lighting itself is first class. This has allowed our facilities to be set apart from the rest in our area.”

— Nate Hoffmeister
Athletic Director
Lakeway Christian Academy

Project Facts

System: TLC for LED® technology; Show-Light+®
Entertainment package (football)
Number of Fixtures: 154
Energy Reduction (compared to HID): 75%

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