Clinton Lake Softball Complex
Holcom Sports Park​

Lawrence, Kansas, USA

Clinton Lake Softball Complex

City of Lawrence, Kansas Solves Unique Problems at Two Sports Complexes with TLC for LED® Technology

  • Visibility on the field of play is greatly enhanced, with both complexes achieving 20 footcandles in the outfield and 30 footcandles on the infield.
  • Residences surrounding Holcom and drivers on Highway 10 near Clinton aren’t affected by glare or light spill with the system’s patented visoring technology.
  • The city saved money at Clinton by retrofitting with LED system technology that includes new structural cross arms mounted to the facility’s existing poles.
  • The city gained structural reliability at Holcom with the installation of Light-Structure System, replacing the aging wooden poles with galvanized steel poles.
  • Energy consumption has been reduced by 76 percent at both complexes compared to the previous lighting, minimizing the city’s environmental footprint and reducing cost of ownership.
  • The city won’t have to pay for maintenance at either complex through the year 2044 with Musco’s 25-year warranty covering every part and all labor.
Clinton Lake Complex & Holcom Sports Complex Photo Gallery