Liberty High School Football Stadium

Renton, Washington, USA

Liberty High School Football Stadium

Major Renovations Bring State‑of‑the‑Art Lighting to High School Football

As part of an extensive renovation to the football stadium at Liberty High School in Renton, Washington, school officials chose to install Musco’s Light-Structure Green™ LED system.The district needed a lighting system that would complement the stadium’s commitment to providing a leading-edge environment for high school football, while conserving energy and reducing the venue’s environmental footprint. Having a partnership that spans nearly 20 years, the district looked once again to Musco for a customized solution.

The new system replaces the previous metal halide equipment mounted on eight wooden poles with Musco’s complete solution from foundation to poletop. The new four pole system provides a better viewing experience with custom optics developed around the LED light source to provide a more uniform light on the field with a significant reduction of spill light and glare.