Little Rock Christian Academy

Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

Little Rock Christian Academy Brings an Exciting New Experience to Warrior Stadium with Musco’s TLC for LED® Upgrade

The Challenge

The Solution

“Musco Lighting and Little Rock Christian has had a great partnership over the past twelve years. Starting with our Baseball and Softball lights in 2010. Our latest football lights, the Show-Light Entertainment package, is amazing.

Musco’s product is the best around and their service is nothing but outstanding.

Our players and fans love the experience of game night with the light show that goes on.”

— Johnny Watson
Little Rock Christian Academy
Athletic Director

Project Facts

System: Total Light Control – TLC for LED™ retrofit, Show-Light® entertainment package
Number of Fixtures: 32
Light Levels: 40 footcandles
Uniformity: 2.5:1 max:min

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