loanDepot Park

Miami, Florida, USA

loanDepot Park

loanDepot Park Becomes First MLB Stadium in the U.S.
with Color-Changing LED Sports Lighting

The Challenge

The Solution

“One experience that was really surprising to me came as I was walking the concourse before the game started. Usually, the people there are just milling around, but all of a sudden the lights dimmed—people looked around and they all went to the edge of the seating bowl to see what was going on. Right then, I knew this was the right decision for us.”

— Miami Marlins Representative

Project Facts

System: Total Light Control – TLC for LED™

Number of Fixtures: 462

Light Levels:
  • Infield: 250 footcandles
  • Outfield: 200 footcandles
  • Infield: 1.1:1 max:min
  • Outfield: 1.3:1 max:min
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